A Frost of Cares - Amy Rae Durreson

It was good, but not that good.

I would have loved it to be much more, but in the end it was just ok.

The author really knows how to write a chapter, you are going to finish it and… BAM!!! No way you can stop there. I started this book at night (major error, I’ll explain why) and wanted to read only a few pages, enough to keep me interested for the following day. I read 30% of the book that way.

If you allow me this, I recommend reading this book in daylight and not in bed. I should have followed this advice myself, because it was creepy as hell reading about a ghost making an appearance at night while you are sleeping and who freezes you to death and doesn’t let you even blink every time you wake up.

It’s kind of claustrophobic and dark-phobic and bed-phobic and any other phobic I can come up with.

This book made my hair stand on end.

The story is written from a 1st person POV, Luke’s. I know people don’t like 1st person but I love it. I think it’s gets so close to the character’s heart in a way that a 3rd person couldn’t. In a different way, anyway. It’s not easy to do, but it’s beautiful to read.

Luke is writing the story, the story of what happened in that enchanted old house. But the real story is not the ghost that lived there. The real story is Jay. The story is for Jay. Their beginning. I loved the constant references to Jay, the glimpses of their present and the future, the buffing and eye-rolling from Jay’s part, and the loving interruptions that came just in time to delight me.

I loved the paranormal story. But I loved Jay’s story so much more. There is a particular rhythm with these parallel plots going hand to hand. I was so enthralled in each story that every time one of them cut the action in the middle I could not really care.