A wasted chance

Carte Blanche - Nash Summers

This is not a plot I'm used to find but it sort of reminded me a lot of the Ten Count series, so the novelty was lost on me.

I wanted to read this because it's Nash Summers, but in fact it didn't touch me the way fawn did. Not even close. This is a light read instead, the fragile fearful guy who lives in his apartment, and the new confident neighbor who falls for him for apparently no reason whatsoever, and goes through all the 'baggage' this person has... well, the idea is kind of romantic, but it's not very realistic.

Despite this, I can't deny this is a very sweet story and gave me good vibes. What I really complain about is how fast the plot is solved.

Yes, the OCD aspect is important. But here, errrhhh: now I have it, now I don't, now I have issues again, now I'm cured. Well... not convincing at all. A person with OCD suffers, and it's a painful and slow process to get over it, to get better. I personally believe the author doesn't emphasize well enough the importance this matter needs.

Also, the problem with the mother is not even talked about, one moment she is the 'cage', and the next she is all accepting and understanding.

However, the romance aspect is not less unbelievable. Too rushed for my taste, too 'easy'. They are touching hands (if ever), they have a conflict which separates them for a while, the MC decides to redeem himself and 'shape up' for the sake of the other, and suddenly they are together-forever-in-love as if nothing wrong has happened.


There was something missing for me here. Like, the most part of an average novel. This change felt like a memory lapse rather than the contentious process of growing up as a person in order be healthy enough to have a happy and balanced life with your partner, in order to be able to cope with the daily complications the existence offers, and to fulfill your most profound wishes.

If felt incomplete. It felt not enough.


You can read it for free here.